Illustrator Paints WTF Submissions From His Readers

The illustrator Jim, who paints WTF and crazy submissions is known as jimllpaintit on his Instagram page. He draws on readers requests. Moreover, his amazing work has gained more than 28k followers already.

The reader’s requests are getting overwhelmed with time but Jim doesn’t disappoint anyone. Their WTF submissions have no logic most of the times. They keep requesting Jim to paint what they assume to happen. Realistically speaking, requests are genuinely awful. Furthermore, people want to see the world through the artist’s work. And thier desires will make you say OMG!

Don’t waste time, just scroll down and see his art. Most importantly 26th photo has 80s charisma painted all over that will kick nostalgia instantly. Quickly view how illustrator painted wtf submissions from readers.

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#21 John McClane getting Nigel Farage out of a milkshake terrorist hostage situation – as requested by Daniel Watson

#22 Dear Jim, could you paint kids going trick or treating dressed up as various Tory MPs on a council estate, but instead of holding buckets they are serving eviction notices to the utter dismay of the t

#23 “Optimus Amazon Prime” – As requested by Josie Hypatia Grounds

#24 Football coming home with a bucket of vindaloo to find his wife in bed with another sport – As requested by Louis Simmons

#25 ‘Donald Trump and Piers Morgan having a date in Greggs on Valentine’s Day’ – Amy Bee Sting

#26 A tribute to 80s pop culture by an 80s child using a program invented in the 80s.

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