The Art From Carla Rodrigues An Amazing Digital Comic Geek

Carla Rodrigues, from Portugal, is an illustrator, biologist, art lover, movie & comics addict geek.

”I don’t think I’ve kept you guys up to date regarding some recent developments, but finally, today, I’ll spill the beans. Since last month, the comic “Garagem de Kubrick” that I keep with my friend J.B. Martins (he writes, I draw) started getting published in the Portuguese version of the famous movie magazine Total Film. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome. We’re doing brand new pages for the magazine, so all we publish is new material. To prove that, here’s the first page we created for Total Film Portugal. Sorry for the lack of translation in the header, but yeah, it’s self-explanatory. Hope you enjoy this!”

The artist made a special page of the webcomic ‘A Garagem de Kubrick’ (Kubrick’s Garage), done as a tribute to Steve Jobs. Drawn using a mechanical pencil, inked it with 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 pens. Afterwards, his team and he coloured and lettered it digitally.

You can find his work here as well

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