'My Face Is My Canvas' The Most Amazing Painted Chin Art By Laura Jenkinson (Part 1)

Hi Folks! Today I came across just an amazing Instagram account with 298k followings. A makeup artist uses her crazy expertise by using her own face. She is none other then the extremely talented Laura Jenkinson. Her mind-blowing chin art is just wow. She lives in London and mad to draw memorable cartoon character around her mouth. She practices theatrical makeup and seldom lipsticks to create her fabulous chin art magic. So it’s a lipstick makeup art we have never seen before. The cute cartoon characters from popular shows like family guy, The Simpsons and various Disney titles she owns for her make up accomplishment. She said: “I’d seen loads of other fantastic make-up artists on Instagram and I wanted to do something similar and on a bigger scale so I started doing about once a week,” Jenkinson told the online publication.

Now it’s your turn guys! scroll down and enjoy the most happening makeup artist work by your very own Swishtoday and watch art by using surprisingly simple techniques.

Find her More Info here: Instagram 

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