Most Inspiring And Exquisite Kind Of Sculptures Will Shatter Your Belief In Gavity

Twenty-four mysterious sculptures not feeling gravity, as though they ignored the gravitational force of the earth, are featured in the site TheMindCircle which publishes interesting images and movies of the world.

#1 The Force of Nature – Beautiful Sculpture Inspired by Thailand Disaster

#3 Wursa

The author is Daniel Firman @ dianiel_firman_studio. It is a work focusing on the power that the elephant stands on. This work is exhibited at Fontainebleau Castle in France.

#4 Wire Fairies

Author Robin Wight said that he was inspired of this work when he was walking about a hobby forest several years ago.

#7 Coffee Kiss

It is as if the soul lived in coffee. The gloss like liquid is due to the pottery of the material made by Johnson Tsang, an artist based in Hong Kong.

#8 Take My Lighting But Do Not Steal My Thunder (Front View)

#9 Take My Lighting But Do Not Steal My Thunder (Side View)

The lower half of the building is gone. The author is Alex Chinneck. Looking at the work from the side, you can see that a part of the building is quiet so that it can be scraped off, and the upper half of the building is floating in the air.

#10 Les Voyageurs – “A Man Who Expanded Time And Space Infinitely”

The author is a French artist Bruno Catalano. Work is in the city of France in Marseille.
In addition, there is another male sculpture of the same touch which is already next to the work.

#11 Window With Ladder – Too Late For Help

The windows and the outer wall are floating in the air, and the ladder is hanging. This work was published in 2008 by artists from Argentina Leandro Erlich.

#12 Floating Stone

This work is being exhibited at Cairo International Airport in Egypt, the author is Smaban Abbas.

#13 De Vaartkapoen – “Turning Over The Power”

Works stood on the streets of Belgium in 1985 done by sculptor Tom Frantzen.

#14 Pentateuque

According to the work "The man is a humorous modelling that it carries an elephant many times larger than myself, representing people who are suffering from external social pressures such as faith, culture, society, and sharp to the viewer It is aiming for the question" to ask.

#15 The Virgins Of Apeldoorn

The author is Dutch artist Elisabet Stienstra.

#16 Monte-Meubles, L’Ultime Déménagement

The author is Argentinian writer Leandro Erlich.

#17 Stone Balancing

Adrian Gray makes stone balance on top of each other without using an adhesive. He is the pioneer of rock balancing.

#18 Car Sculptures

The author is British Gerry Judah, made three cars running straight ahead to the sky.
Another work depicts a parabola that a classic racing car crosses the building.

#19 Balancing Sculptures

The author is an artist from Poland Jerzy Kędziora, used the chair on the rope to balance. In another work, it is stationary in the air with an exquisite balance in the wheel of the gymnastics exercise. Jerzy Kędziora also presents works that are balanced while performing acrobatics and gymnastics on the rope.

#20 Pick Yourself Up And Pull Yourself Together

The car is peeling off as each asphalt on board is upside down. Asphalt has been peeled off wonderfully.

#23 Michael Jones Sculpture

It is stationary in the air with a splendid dive attitude.

#24 La Voiture Sur Le Lampadaire

The car is upside down on a streetlight.

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