Ironic Imagination If Famous World Leaders Were Powerful Transformers

Gunduz Aghayev, a well-known cartoonist, surprised the followers with the most amusing and ironic illustrations of the world famous leaders.  He re-imagined them as all-powerful and humongous transformers and quite impressively intimidating bots who are ready for actions. The artist depicts the nature of each personality following the contemporary politics of the country they are leading to. So we see the Queen of the United Kingdom turning into a red London bus, Obama is a police car, Kim Jong-un is an anti-aircraft gun, Vladimir Putin as a Russian car and Angela Merkel a Volkswagen (with possible emission cheating software uninstalled). Don’t think of seeing these bots in next Michael Bay’s movie either.

The popular cartoonist, a huge fan of political satire, has already created a number of extremely popular series of work that can make you move including police officers of various nations, also featuring notorious dictators that you can check out at Agayev’s Facebook page. Move on and take a look! 

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