Imagine If Animals Could Talk 30 Hilarious Comics

Just imagine what would happen if animals could actually talk in the world of talkative humans. Then the life of pets would be much easier than now. They could easily communicate with us. Further, they’d tell us if what’s bothering them. 

The talent of time Jimmy Craig invites us into the minds of animals. He practically portrayed thoughts in an animal’s mind using his digital skills. Craig has extra hands on illustration and his webcomics explain a lot about animals. Moreover, illustrations are part of a series called They Can Talk, and as you can see from this list, the rest is fairly self-explanatory. And that’s why his amazing work is adored by millions of animal lovers. Also, his comics are funny enough to make us roll on the floor laughing. Nevertheless, we never thought of them as Craig did. Artist’s effort is quite open about various animals of different nature. 

So next time when you find your cat staring at the wall for some long time, just don’t worry too much. Because the animal kingdom is filled with the crazy hilarious types of animal species. All have their own special way to talk.

Swishtoday gladly shares 30 hilarious comics by Jimmy Craig. Make a little move to view if animals could talk. Trust me, it will leave you fully entertained at the end. Have a laughing risk ahead. Enjoy!

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