Imagine Disney Princesses In Haute Couture If They Lived In Modern Times

Have you ever wondered if Disney princesses were to hit on a modern runway how would they make it wearing puffy dresses and glass slippers? That sounds like a blunder of nostalgic themed models presenting themselves in the modern era of top fashion brands. These old-fashioned girls who always made the best memories of almost every girls’ childhood aren’t gonna fit in the world of top-class fashionistas.

Anastasia from Russia started drawing since she was a little girl and at the age of 17 she started to study costume design. She decided to show the world if how the most-loved princesses of all times would look like in today’s luxury fashion brands. Thier worth varies from Tom Ford to Prada and they fit in a glamorous vogue collection. Her stylish artworks on Instagram won more than 80,000 followers. Check out the best high street outfits and get the ideas from these Disney fashionistas on haute couture shopping.

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