Valérie Minelli Illustrates Her Life And Everyday Struggle In Sweet, Simple-Yet-Funny Comics

Girls can totally understand the comics, illustrated by Mrs Frollein (Valérie Minelli), of everyday life struggle a woman goes through. The artist has been making simple and funny comics for about 5 years with an aim to bring a smile on peoples face. She described her style as a kind of inspired by Japanese ‘Chibi‘ characters.

“I am still a student, so I don’t do comics for a living (I study comics though, which is amazing!). I work as an illustrator for children’s books and try to manage to do all of it. For now, webcomics are just a hobby, but I have some amazing followers who buy my prints or buy me some ko-fi to support me, so I can at least make a little money by drawing comics. Hopefully, I can someday make a living from just comics.”

Most Of Valérie’s illustrations are inspired by everyday life and her relationship with her boyfriend. Scroll down to check out Valérie’s work for yourself. Enjoy!

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