Award Winning Extraordinary Underwater Photographs of the Year 2018

Here’s a collection of 20 best award-winning underwater photographs of the year 2018. Photographs were taken by talented and highly skilled photographers who have spent months and days to get one perfect click. These photographs are the significant proof of hard work done underwater to capture the beauty of the marine life. The photographers went scuba dive or stayed in shallow waters to get an extraordinary result are recognised by the world this year. Scroll down to see excellent images take underwater. And yea don’t forget to share.

#1 British Underwater Photographer of the Year: ‘Love Birds’ Grant Thomas (UK)

#2 Underwater Photographer of the Year: ‘CYCLE-WAR’ Tobias Friedrich (Germany)

A panoramic photograph of British World War Two military vehicles deep inside a shipwreck: Tobias Friedrich

#3 ‘ROAR’ Man BD (Malaysia)

Sea Slugs Features A Surprising Backdrop Of A Moray Eel, Which Swam Into The Reef While He Was Taking His Image: Man BD (Malaysia)

#4 ‘The Fisherman’ : Filippo Borghi

It took Two Days of standing In Shallow Waters From 05:00-08:00 To Get This Image Of A Cormorant Diving For Fish- Izu Peninsula: Filippo Borghi (Tokyo)

#6 ‘Humpback whale spy hopping’ : Greg Lecoeur (France)

When A whale is spy-hopping, it emerges from the water vertically, pausing in its position. Greg Lecoeur captured this humpback as it moved its pectoral fin towards the camera

#7 ‘Seahorse Density’ Shane Gross (Canada)

Shane Gross's photograph was taken in a pond with a very high density of seahorses, yet he was still surprised that he managed to capture these three together, backlit and surrounded by plankton.

#8 ‘The real illusion’ Konstantin Killer (Germany)

A photo shoot in 7 meters deep, in a diving pool Dive4Life Siegburg, Germany.

#10 ‘Blacktip Rendezvous’ – Renee Capozzola

A beautiful sunset and shiver of reef sharks. What more could you cram into a stunning frame? A small aperture, large dome port, and flash were used for this image.

#11 ‘Friend or Food?!’ – Songda Cai

Although Songda Cai has had many encounters with eels, this is her favourite image of the creature, looking at her camera from inside its coiled body.

#12 ‘A sand tiger shark surrounded by tiny bait fish’ Tanya Houppermans (USA)

Tanya Houppermans swam on her back underneath this sand tiger shark, trying not to startle it as millions of tiny fish swam around it. As she moved with the shark through the water, the fish parted and the underside of the shark was revealed.

#13 ‘Jump’ – Davide Lopresti

Very strong portrait with superb eye contact

#14 ‘At the Surface’ – Stephen Holinski

#16 ‘Tres Amigos’ – Sarah Vasend

This group of three were some very friendly juveniles that were playing in a cave. These pups were easily amused and made for cooperative photo subjects.

#17 ‘Hummingfish’ – Brian Eckstein

A simple composition capturing the intricate beauty of this flying fish in all its stunning detail. This image was taken during a blackwater dive off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida.

#18 ‘Ruby’ – Clarissa Ace

A fun, effective and inventive treatment of this common subject, mirrored in Photoshop to create a startling face.

#20 ‘Blenny and brittlestars’ – Cathy Lewis

Just off the shore in Loch Carron is a spectacular bed of brittle stars, a writhing mass of millions of fragile, snaking arms in astonishingly vibrant colours. And this Yarrell’s blenny, easily distinguished by the comical quiff over its head.

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