Coral A Nasty Cat Is The Star Of The Hilarious Comics

Cats are funny animals. A cat can be mean if she wants attention. Naturally, when you think of a cat you think of funny things. Look at Coral a nasty cat who is the star of the most hilarious comics. You’ll find her getting crazy after a piece of string avoiding $30 toys. Though she loves CHASE, she won’t leave a chance to annoy Cody.

And meet Cody as well, the cat’s owner he knows exactly how it feels like living with a furry ball. So he decided to draw funny comics of crazy life with his cat. I’m sure, other cat owners can relate his funny work too.

Check out the most hilarious and much relatable comics of Coral the nasty cat.

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#5 I await for this glorious day… When she finally slips..

#16 Stop… Licking.. THE WALL!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE!!!

#23 If the tail wagging doesn’t grab my attention, the bite will

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