Before And After Pictures From The Wackiest Photoshop Battle

The internet is overwhelmed by the amazing pictures uploaded every day. But the most ambiguous pictures appear on subreddit r/photoshopbattles. It is just the beginning of a photoshop battle. The submissions are yet another surprise. Before and after pictures from the wackiest photoshop battle is a totally new level of artistry. These aren’t only really creative but are also awesomely Photoshopped. Moreover, the results are insanely hilarious. And ‘Angry baby’ is the best one yet so far.

See 30 examples of creative edits that are listed below. Move on and see the whole list of before and after pictures from the wackiest photoshop battle. Enjoy the submissions!

#8 Snuffles want to be understood. Snuffles need to be understood.

#10 Keanu Reeves distracted boyfriend while running from this paparazzi after stealing his camera

#12 These micro-mushrooms on a leaf. Wait! Aren’t these obstacles?

#15 Dog in shoes leading the way, he’s on an invisible bike

#20 This cute retriever’s face perfectly centered behind a decorative cast iron fence

#26 This big dog in a sink thought “Let’s give the boy a lift”

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