Artist Luisa Azevedo Creates Dreamy Composite Photographs Rooted In Surrealism

Artist had wow the world with striking surrealism photography already, and this time Luisa Azevedo, the self-taught digital compositor brings a new batch of delightful composites that blend unexpected elements into enchanting scenes. Each piece looks balanced, which is not an easy skill to master but her crisp clean aesthetic is accentuated by the silent colour scheme evident in much of her surreal photography.

Swishtoday carefully created a list of surreal photography turned unbelievable objects, figures and locations into seamlessly surreal scenes. 20-year-old compositor has already gained a large and loyal following on  Instagram,  where she constantly updates her work. Her dreamy approach to her sense of ultimate and fanciful craft is summarised in short and sweet description she has provided: “I don’t want realism. I want magic.”

Luisa Azevedo: Instagram | Facebook | Etsy | Society6

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