Animals Dream World Is Stunning Beyond Imaginations

More than 10,000 followers on Instagram are inspired by animals dream world created by Julien Tabet, a young Frenchman who pretends to make art with a computer. Everyone is officially in love with every single photo he created. His work is beyond the words can explain, each of his art pieces speak by its self and grabbing the attention of the world on its own. He’s not a photoshop fan nor he believes a software can be a passion. Nevertheless, imagining the improbable fascinates him. He likes to surprise people so he’s making great effort to freshen up their minds and break them out of their boring routine, by offering a perspective.

His main work is comprised of animals. According to him, animals are innocent and much more humble than humans. They can be mysterious for their anonymity. He loves to imagine the way animals act when we aren’t watching them, kind of like “Toy Story.”

More info: Instagram

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