Adorable Comics On A Relationship With IT Guy

Bonnie Pang’s work is a long-term relationship which is perfectly relatable. Her series IT Guy and Art Girl is based on everyday moments she shares with her partner and they are super inspiring. She has been creating comics since she was a child and it’s been 20 years now. Her first comic was a spin-off of Three Little Pigs in which wolf would come to a real restaurant that is running by pigs, instead of eating pigs. During her early years she was making fan inspired comics and around 2013 she began making original comics.

Bonnie had a great time making creating a heartwarming-wholesome style comic on Webtoons called Roar Street Journal for 3 years. But when she got engaged this year that sparked an idea to create comics on the relationship. IT Guy and Art Girl totally come from personal experiences as she started documenting little moments since they started to dating.  Sometimes, however, artist exaggerated things a bit to make the story funnier so do not believe that every story in the series had happened exactly the same way in real life, too!

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