25+ Cartoon Version Of People And Their Pets Is Far Adorable Than Reality

Yeah!! We all love our pets. But if you find the hand-drawn/digital sketch a little exaggerated or say in a humorous version of what actually they look like, you would definitely love to make your loved one to be captured permanently that would amuse you forever. American self-taught artist, Robert De Jesus has made a name for himself by offering a service that is similar to a caricature artist. But Robert doesn’t make caricatures instead, he refers to people’s and thier pets photos and digitally creates a cartoon version of them and everyone is loving cartoon-like sketches. He uses hand sketch and digital drawing techniques and his exceptional work have already earned 76 plus million followers on his Instagram page. The animator is quite familiar to the anime and manga community, which combined with illustration skills and character design resulting in a unique style. 

To fund the projects, he started custom portrait commissions on his eBay store. He also gained a huge popularity for illustrations, comics and character designs for a handful of well-known publishers such as Antarctic press, Marvel and PlayStation Magazine.

Swishtodayh has collected pencil sketch/digitally shaded amazing illustrations of this amazing artist for you.

For further information: Instagram | Facebook | deviantart.com

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