15+ Adorable Relatable Comics On Fitness Struggle Girls Go Through

Setting up the fitness goals alone won’t work without a healthy diet plan. Once you’ve started the journey of an intense workout just make sure you have planned your meals side by side as it will boost the metabolism to the extreme. What is here are some extremely interesting fitness comics created by Cassey Ho. Such comics make fitness fun and gaudy. You can relate them to your body and personality to finally make positive changes in life. So plan your work and tell yourself that they are not really struggling at all! They are normal!. She has been posting motivational workouts on her Instagram page and earned 1.5 m followers already. She created amazingly adorable comics on the daily fitness goals struggle. Swishtoday has compiled funny and ironic stuff made by so alive Casey. Scroll down to see the most relatable comics that every fitness ambitious girl would enjoy.

#9 When the sports bra don’t fit right, you gotta make decisions

#12 Have you ever done that thing where you give up on taking off your sports bra and your boobs are just bulging forward

#13 When fitness instructors motivate you with their psychotic positivism while your body is begging for mercy

#14 Meh: I’m Dead Instructor: No You’re Not Done!!! You’re Alive!

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